Fail to plan and you plan to fail…

Fail to plan and you plan to fail…

You could be forgiven for thinking that I am less than organised if you follow me on Facebook.  Making a dress the day before I wish to wear it, a costume for my kids the day they need to take it to school, or a friend that says “when you have time…. no rush” (you live and you learn… give me a deadline!).

But when it comes to YOUR wedding dress, believe me there is no moving the deadline and its important to plan even for the unexpected!

Give yourself time – it’s the greatest gift.  Plan any weight loss or surgery – you would be surprised how many girls have a breast reduction or enlargement before the day – before you book your dress fittings.  Depending on the agreement you have with the store, it will be more costly to keep going back for further adjustments closer to the wedding.

I was a bride that fell pregnant before the wedding day and rather than changing the date or the dress, I decided in my wisdom that I could do ANYTHING to a wedding dress to get it to fit.  It’s what I do right??  Now picture this….. two weeks before the big day, standing in front of the mirror with a piece of fabric from the middle of my dress, unpicked and a seven month bump hanging out the front! Not ideal!! To be honest, I could have made the adjustments to fit, but the with style of the dress it just would not have worked or done any justice to the dress (or me).  Luckily I’m in the know! So I got a new dress (appropriate for my shape at the time) and adjusted that to fit.  But you really don’t want to find yourself in a similar position and not know where to turn.

So, do a bit of research; find out if the store you have bought the dress from can accommodate last minute alterations if necessary.  If not, find a ‘Plan B’!! There are lots of us in the industry that work from home, but if you call me on the first day of August and ask for something to be done by the end of the month, you’re not likely to get the response you are looking for!

I’ve got a great story about a bride that kept putting off her fittings as she hadn’t quite got to the goal weight she had hoped……

Want to know how I found three dress sizes???  Check out tomorrow’s blog……..



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