To diet or not to diet… now that’s a question!

To diet or not to diet… now that’s a question!

There’s a famous line from the film ‘Bride Wars’ when Kate Hudson character tries her designer wedding dress….

“You don’t alter Vera to fit you…you alter yourself to fit Vera”.

But the reality is that most wedding dresses – whether they are high street, ebay, off the peg or ready to wear – are adjusted at some point over their journey from the point of purchase to your wedding day.

It’s more common than you think to have a gown that is too small. Perhaps you bought a sample dress that you thought you would ‘slim’ into, or have had a operation that has left you unable to run your normal three marathons a year! Whatever the reason, it happens and more often than you realise.

So in my last blog I said that I would share the story of ‘finding’ three dress sizes.  The bride concerned had put-off her fittings till much closer to the wedding day than was advisable (and I could tell you more than one story about that, but this one first!).

This particular bride had purchased her dress a number of years before the wedding and in between she had started a family.  She had taken her dress home and had kept putting off her fitting.  Not such a great move because if a satisfactory alteration couldn’t have been done she had almost run out of time.  So the lesson here for all brides-to-be? Have a ‘plan b’ or be completely honest with the person adjusting your dress.

My bride and I met and the instant she uncovered the dress I could see that it was not going to fit! Well, it would have fitted someone but not the young lady standing in front of me! (Note to self: Consider an acting career as a side-line after my Oscar-winning cover-up of my complete meltdown, expertly replaced with a cool, calm, “Lets see what we can do”!).

So, we managed to get her in her dress.  To be fair, “in” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was obvious that it needed to grow by six inches (or she needed to shrink by this much – not really an option!).  By now we were just six weeks before the wedding and quite honestly she was happy with herself and her shape and size.

Anyone who has ever ‘let out’ a wedding dress before will know there’s not normally six inches of fabric to find inside.  So we had to make some drastic choices.  Luckily, I was only really concerned with the fit down to the waist and as it was a very full skirt, it meant that I had an idea……

Obtaining the same fabric was thankfully easy and so I set-to putting the extra fabric in.  The only way to really do this alteration was down the front or in the sides; so I decided on a combination of the two – scary stuff when you are chopping down the middle of someone’s wedding dress with weeks to go and a customer that has limited availability to get back to you!!

All’s well that ends well though as when she returned for her second fitting not only did it fit like a glove but she couldn’t even tell where it had been done!  Phew! It made for one very happy bride on her wedding day wearing her dream dress.  And for me…. a lovely bottle of vino and beautiful thank you card for me (along with this little tale to tell…)

Till tomorrow xx


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