You shall go to the ball!

You shall go to the ball!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

It’s all about evening gowns at this time of year and over the last three days I have worked on three rather last minute projects, all required to be worn either last night or tonight!

I know I go on a lot about allowing TIME for things to be done, but sometimes you just don’t know you are going to be invited as a ‘plus one’, or that it was ‘black tie’ event and it was forgotten to be mentioned!

One of the three dresses was a Ted Baker beauty with some gorgeous feathers that had me sneezing the whole time I was working on it! Then, in contrast, a little beauty that was purchased on the internet – absolutely stunning design but lacked body and shape. I guess that is one of the pitfalls of the internet and clothes, so make sure you have time to get things adjusted (or order something else if it’s not quite as you expected).

‘Buyer beware’ springs to mind with some companies, so stick to those that are well-known names or have fantastic reviews from other satisfied customers. Find sites that show pictures of customers wearing the designs!  Marketing images can be airbrushed and perfected if the company is not happy with how it looks; you can’t and it may cost you more than expected in adjustments if it needs lining, boning and fitting!

If you’re not already aware, there are some sneaky companies out there that will ‘borrow’ images from leading names in the ‘occasion-wear’ industry and then manufacture for you what they believe is a great copy. But the reality is that if it was a tenth of the price……(you’ve guessed it), it’s not going to be constructed in the same way or with the same quality fabric.

On that note, I have some great tips and advice on choosing your garment technician. Check in tomorrow!

Nikki xx

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