Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

There are some beautifully fitted dresses in the media and every bride wants to look the best version of themselves on their wedding day. But is it realistic to think that you can look like Charlotte from ‘Sex and the City’ in THAT black bridesmaid’s dress and still sit down for your wedding breakfast?? NO!!

Watch that scene from the movie and you’ll see that she waddles along, quite frankly looking ridiculous! Not a great look for a blushing bride.

Marketing images are air-brushed and models are posed in impossible positions.  If you would like a couple of fashion-styled images, why not talk this through with your photographer? I’m sure they’ll have some great tips for poses.  Then, chat through with someone like me about how to potentially pin the dress on the day (temporarily just for those couple of shots) – a couple of pins and a great pose can go a long way.

So, think ahead! Not enjoying your meal and your first dance for one great shot really isn’t worth it.  I had one bride insist her gown was taken in under her bottom so much she couldn’t sit. I recommended against it and said she would not be able to sit down, lift her dress or even use the loo! Now, when she returned for her second fitting she was over-the-moon with how her dress looked but, true to my word, she couldn’t sit in it.  She chose to wear it like that but later said that maybe (in hindsight) she shouldn’t have gone quite as ‘snug’.  It’s all very well until you feel like you need to change outfit to enjoy the rest of the reception.

Before I go, here’s an amazing idea that was given to me by a great photographer friend of mine. Why not enjoy your wedding day in your perfectly fitted gown then have a fashion shoot afterwards where we can pin your dress as much as we want?  Or, one step further, do a ‘trash the dress’ shoot with some wild and wacky shots in a lake or the sea!!

Until next time!

Nikki xx

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