It’s a family affair.

Welcome back!

Most brides will look back at what their mum wore on their wedding day and have a good giggle at the fashion of the time – I know I did! But occasionally, a well looked-after wedding dress can have the honour of being worn by more than one generation.

A common theme seems to be that mum on her wedding day was quite a bit slimmer than the current bride wishing to wear the dress.  If you are someone that wishes to wear a family heirloom, or maybe a friend’s dress for sentimental reasons, and it just isn’t going to fit, then there are a few things that you need to do.

Firstly, you’ll need to plan early:  It may be that the dress can be adjusted to fit with the addition of extra fabric, a lace up back, or some other modification.  But this may need research into fabrics or trims at the time the dress was manufactured as things have changed over the years.

Secondly, you need to ask the right questions: Please, please, please find out what you are allowed to do to the dress!  I really do not want to start chopping about a dress only to find the owner would like it restored to its original state once you have worn it!

Dresses from 20-50 years ago were not constructed the same as many modern wedding dresses and I absolutely LOVE working on them.

There are some lovely stores that sell previously owned or vintage wedding dresses from all eras.  So, if you love the art of ‘up-cycling’ and dress customisation, this might be the right route to go down for you.

I really would love to know if you wore your Mum’s or a relative’s dress.  Maybe you can leave a comment with the story of your dress and perhaps share a picture?!

Love Nikki xx